Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wildcat Basketball!!

When I first moved here to Tucson, I didn't understand the fervor of the U of A fans, nor did I understand the great tradition in the Arizona basketball program. But for the last 4 years or so, I have followed the Wildcats religiously. I watch every game unless it is impossible. I know who the players are. I want them to win and I am upset when they lose. They are the ONLY team I care about in the NCAA tournament, and once they are out, I pretty much stop watching. I have no idea who won last year and I didn't watch the championship game.
After a really rocky patch this season, I am very happy that the Wildcats have won their last two games. I hope they can win at least one, and hopefully two, games in the Pac-10 tournament, so they will look strong going into NCAA tournament selection. I don't want them to have to play a top seed at the beginning of the tournament. The next game is Thursday at 12:20pm and I will be in front of my TV to watch it.
Check out Arizona Athletics. Ivan Radenovic's (see photo) 37 points against Stanford was phenomenal, especially his 11-11 free throw shooting which pretty much decided the game.

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