Wednesday, December 24, 2008

An Irish Christmas Prayer

Thanks to Alan Creech for this!

Incarnation by Denise Day Spencer

He stands,
poised on the brink of two worlds:
One, land of eternal day,
the other, earth of mire and clay.

Behind Him,
legions of heavenly host,
bright faces covered, praising,
all chanting, voices raising.

Before Him,
chaos yawning, swift and deep,
known, yet unknown. Fear unfurling,
death and darkness churning, swirling.

He turns.
One last look at golden glory.
The Three part; He is now One.
The Father’s voice says, “Go well, my Son.”

He leaps
into the abyss.

His next memory will be a Mother’s kiss.

~ Denise Day Spencer, January 1999

Thanks to internet monk for this.

Happy Christmas They Say in the UK

This is a beautiful graphic. The quote is from John 1. Thanks to Mark Berry for this!
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Different Reasons

Great Christmas post from Fernando Gros:

What If There Is More Than One Reason For The Season?

Imagine Christmas as being like a giant bookstore, with a range of books; some serious, some populist, some trashy, some noble. Every book is a “Christmas” book though, of course, not every book is equal. People are browsing and choosing, talking and comparing. It’s an active and buzzing place - most people are not sure why they are there, but they are trying to make sense of it and trying to have a little fun. Do we really want to be hanging out in the comics section, chugging a slurpy and passing judgment on the people who “don’t get it?”

Thanks to Bob Carlton for this.

The key word here is "judgment".

Monday, December 22, 2008

Advent with Ted the Loser

I saw this on the internet monk site (a blog I follow) and I thought it was right on target both with the essence of Christianity and the Gospel, and with our failed perspectives in American Christianity. Yeah, and it was right on target with me and my experiences, too.

Here is the intro:
"This post is inspired by a FoxNews piece updating the situation of disgraced megachurch pastor Ted Haggard. Haggard was a major leader in evangelicalism until he was brought down by evidence of sexual sin and drug use."

Read the post. Please.

Cornerstone CD Ready for Download

You can get a hard copy of the Cornerstone CD at The Refuge, or you can download it from: