Saturday, March 10, 2007

Race for the Cure

I personally know several women for have survived and are dealing with breast cancer: members of our church, moms in our youth group, friends. This disease must be fought. I think it is part of our imperative as the body of Christ on earth to do all we can to bring the kingdom of God to our world. Eradicating disease is part of that. We want to support God's work in our world. We want to support our friends and moms who have suffered. We want to stand with our brothers and sisters for a cure. Here is what I propose: as a church family, lets get involved with Race for the Cure on Sunday, April 15. We will enter a contemporary worship or general church team. We can enter a youth team and a young adult team. You guys can organize your own teams at school, work, or among friends or neighbors.
Go to the Race website for all the details. I will also have brochures next Sunday (March 18). If you can't be on a team, volunteer! Info for that is also at the website, or you can call 319-0155. We will have one service that day, 11am, after the Race activities are over and as a celebration of our efforts, and the hope that God can give this world!
The Race is April 15. If you would like to be part of helping coordinate Catalina's efforts, let me know! Just email me at or phone me 403-2403, or see me at church.

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