Thursday, May 01, 2008

What Did Jesus Say about Religion?

This is our study for this week in the Refuge. I found it interesting last week when I read some thoughts by a Jewish scholar. He held that Jesus really didn't have any problems with the Pharisees (I don't know where he got that) and that the Jewish leaders had nothing to do with the crucifixion. This guy said that the Romans were all alone in crucifying Jesus and that the later followers of Jesus just put it on the Jews because they were afraid of the Romans. Now, I am no anti-Semitic-the Passion-0f-the-Christ-lets-blame-the-Jews person. But, you have to cut out an awful lot of Scripture to say that Jesus got along with the Pharisees.
In fact, he didn't. His exchanges with them form a good part of the basis for our study.
Also, some people say that Jesus never intended to start a religion (Christianity). What do you think? I'll give my answer Sunday. The worship bulletin is here.

Pine Canyon Retreat

Last weekend I took a group of youth from Catalina up to Pine Canyon Camp. It was a free weekend retreat that would serve as a preview for summer camp. We took a van load and had a great road trip. There's a ton of photos here. This is my favorite photo--it's me ALMOST falling off a swinging log on the ropes course. Yes, those sweet kids were willing to put their lives on the line to catch me. What devotion! Or maybe they knew I was the only one in our group that could drive us down the mountain (you have to experience the road to Pine Canyon to know what I mean).

Sick Days

It has been a tough week. I stayed home sick Monday and then worked at home on Tuesday--I didn't want to cough all over everyone at staff meeting. After that I've been playing catch-up all week. Hopefully next week will be normal!