Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Youth News! For January 3, 2010

A little variety is in store for this Sunday!

High School Youth Group is at Richard’s House

This Sunday January 3. We will begin with dinner at 5:30, and will be finished by 7:30. We will eat, play some games, discuss, pray, share—all the stuff we do at youth group, only in Richard’s living room. What a great way to END (how sad, I know) your holiday break! Casual, informal, fun—don’t miss it.

Here are directions:

1-Go EAST on Broadway PAST Camino Seco.

2-Turn LEFT on to Gollob. Gollob runs between 2 apartment complexes and is the first cross street after Camino Seco.

3-Turn LEFT on to E Berkshire Place (this is the first left on Gollob).

4-My house is the second house on the left (9080 E Berkshire Place).

If you get lost, call me 403-2403.

If you need a ride, I will try to arrange it, but it would probably be with a youth.

Can you bring something? I could use brownies (or other dessert you eat with your fingers), cut up veggies, cut up fruit. Let me know ASAP if you are bringing something, so I won’t get it at the store. Feel free to bring friends.

Parents, if you are driving your youth, feel free to stay to avoid driving around too much. (Or you could park it up at Safeway and have a Starbucks or at McDonalds, etc)

Middle School Youth Group is Bowling this Sunday! Meet at Lucky Strike (Speedway east of Alvernon) at 5:30. Bring money for bowling and food. Parents are invited to stay and bowl! More info? Call Kristin 602-696-5411. I wonder how many of you can beat Kristin at bowling?

Youth Sunday School begins to meet at 9:30 this Sunday in E-225 (upstairs over library).

Snowblast 2010 registrations are due THIS SUNDAY!!!! Info is at

Project Hospitality Friday January 8 The youth group will be filling all the spots for Project Hospitality on January 8. Project Hospitality is a ministry of our church that takes 6 men from the Salvation Army shelter (they are too full when it’s cold) and houses and feeds them at our church. That means I will need a couple of you to come set up, a few to bring and serve dinner, a few (actually, anyone who wants to) to stay overnight in the library (kind of like a camp-out/overnighter), a couple to bring and serve breakfast. I will have specifics next week. But think about how you would like to help. Maybe your family or friends would volunteer to bring dinner or breakfast. Let me know!

Read a Psalm, high school students!!

Christmas Caroling Photos are at

We’ll See You Sunday!!

Richard 403-2403

Kristin 602-696-5411

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Epiphany Sunday

Epiphany is always January 6 (like Christmas is always December 25). It is the celebration in the church that commemorates the visit of the Magi to the Christ Child. An intro to Epiphany can be found in the worship bulletin. Epiphany Sunday is the Sunday nearest Epiphany--so this Sunday (January 3) is Epiphany Sunday. I think Epiphany is a very important observance in the church. Come and find out why this Sunday! The worship bulletin will let you know about our music for this Sunday and give you info about the history and meaning of Epiphany.
Our study from Christmas to Lent is Who Is Jesus? We celebrate the birth of Jesus, but exactly who is it that we are celebrating? On Epiphany Sunday, we consider that Jesus is Lord of all.