Thursday, May 07, 2009

Sunday May 10, 2009

Well, this Sunday is Mother's Day. So, do your duty and have fun!
We will finish up our study arc we started on Easter. We discussed the Risen Christ, The Indwelling Christ, the Eternal Christ, and this week we conclude with Following Christ. Our Scripture is Matthew 16.13-26. The worship bulletin is here.
On this subject (vaguely), I read a great post by Michael Spencer over at internetmonk. This quote is one of many that stuck out to me:
This is where I’m surprised that the pundits commenting on this situation aren’t willing to connect the dots. A big reason that the average evangelical isn’t evangelistic is the focus on the issues and tactics of the culture war. According to the culture war advocates, “those unbelievers” are the enemies of Christians and the kind of Christian culture we believe we are supposed to fight for. Are atheists, gays, Democrats, progressives and non-evangelicals in America actually people evangelicals are looking at as potential Christians? Give me a break.

We can get sucked into thinking that our position on "culture wars" issues equals following Christ. WRONG. Following Christ is a lot harder than that, a lot trickier than that, and a lot more exciting (sometimes) than that.

Bishop Spong (who I agree with extremely rarely) said something good in an email newsletter I read today: "...for most people religion is not a search for truth, but a search for security." And that is how it often is. We seek safety and security from God, when Jesus is calling us to something different.