Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sunday, May 17, 2009

This week, we begin our study in the Gospel of Mark: the Shorter Life of Jesus. The worship bulletin is here, and has lots of introductory info.
Here is the format we will follow: we will focus on reading together a chapter of Mark each week. Then on Sunday, our study will center on one section of that chapter. We are not going to try to teach all of it, I will pick a passage (or sometimes two) from each chapter.
And I am not going to attach dates to our study. We may take time off for special occasions, or when I am not preaching. I have 18 sessions on the Gospel of Mark chosen, but it may take us 22-25 weeks to get through them. There is no hurry!
Each week, the bulletin will contain review/think-it-through questions and/or journaling ideas to deepen your study.
I would like to recommend two online study tools:
1-YOUVERSION online Bible. I recommend that you sign up (it's free!) and try it out. I may experiment with commenting on a chapter of Mark as we read it each week. You can check out my comments and--most importantly--add your own. You can search for richardleejones (my user name) and click to follow me so you can check out my comments.
2-EXAMEN.ME devotional website. You can click around and check out all the features. I think it's pretty good. It's also unique with its emphasis on your own reflection and prayer.

If you want to prepare for Sunday, take a look at Mark 1.1-20.