Friday, October 23, 2009

Studies in Mark: The Temple Veil is Torn

Not much time this week. The worship bulletin is here. Watch this video by Petra called "Enter In". It's about the topic of our study for this week in Mark 15.32-41.

Catalina Youth: News and PHOTO!

OK, friends, this has been a crazy week for me, so no newsletter this week; just a few announcements:

1-YOUTH GROUP MEETS SUNDAY NIGHT! EVERYBODY should be here! Dinner is at 5:30.

2-If you are going trick or treating on Halloween, PICK UP YOUR REVERSE TRICK OR TREAT CANDY this Sunday. Just pick up a bag from me or Kristen. Here is the deal: You go to a house and say "Trick or Treat!" and hopefully, they give you a treat. Then you say "Thank you" like your mother taught you many years ago (and probably reminded you before you left the house). THEN you say, "Here is a treat for you!" and hand them a card with the fair trade chocolate attached! The point is to raise awareness about Fair Trade practices. This is a way that you can have fun and do something for social justice all at the same time!

3-VOTE IN OUR TWO POLLS!! U of A football game tickets:
Youth Group Super Bowl Party

4-UofA Volleyball vs ASU!! Friday, Nov. 13 at 7pm Tickets are $2! (I've got 16 tickets available). UofA volleyball women beat ASU convincingly last weekend in Tempe, now they are at home for the rematch. Details on where to meet, and at what time will follow. BUT if you want a ticket, I would reply to me or text me and I will put you on the list. If I run out of tickets, you can buy one at the door, but the line will be long! And the ticket will cost $3. If you want to visit the concession stand, you are on your own for that.

5-The photo of the week is...well, you see it!

6-National Mix-It-Up at Lunch Day is Tuesday, November 10. Info is at Talk to your friends, teachers, administrators, student government, school clubs, or just do it yourself!!! This event is sponsored by Southern Poverty Law Center (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr founded it) and encourages students to sit with someone new, someone different at lunch on November 10; you get it: MIX IT UP!

7-UofA Football Game vs Oregon Saturday, November 21, time to be announced. We are taking a group to this game. Next week, I will announce which ticket package you guys chose and give you the details about ordering tickets (YES, you can bring friends!!). But VOTE IN THE POLL!! See above.

8-PRAYER FOR THE DAY Parent me God where I am lost. Soothe the struggle of my soul. Where I have left the simple trust of childhood, heal my heart.
[from Twitturgies by Gerard Kelly]

9-Set up Twitter on your phone and then follow richardinaz for all youth news! Or you can just go to and set it up on your computer.

I'll See You Sunday!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Catalina Youth: One More Poll!!

I am considering buying tickets to take youth who want to go to the Arizona v Oregon football game. Start time has not been announced. The two options are:
The Family Zone ($17 adult, $10 student), which is the north end zone. You are close to the field, but can't see the screen/big scoreboard.
The Economy Sections (Marked with an "E" on the stadium diagram) ($15 package includes ticket, hot dog, peanuts, and a soda), which is upper level at each end of the east side of the stadium. You are very high up, but you can see the screen. Vote on which you would prefer, but ONLY VOTE if there is a good chance you will go to the game.

Click on the stadium diagram and it gets bigger.

Skips answers 3,4,5. I forgot to take them off before I published the poll.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Catalina Youth: Take the Poll!

we all come to prayer with a tangled mass of motives

"The truth of the matter is, we all come to prayer with a tangled mass of motives - altruistic and selfish, merciful and hateful, loving and bitter. Frankly, this side of eternity we will never unravel the good from the bad, the pure from the impure. But what I have come to see is that God is big enough to receive us with all our mixture. We do not have to be bright, or pure, or filled with faith, or anything. That is what grace means, and we are not only saved by grace, we live by it as well. And we pray by it." - Richard J. Foster, Prayer: Finding the Heart's True Home
HT: Tony Steward

By the way, I have read this book and I recommend it without reservation--as I do with anything written by Richard J. Foster.