Monday, March 05, 2007

I got drilled!

Last Thursday night as I flossed, something hard came out of my mouth. It was two small pieces of what looked to be tooth material. My dentist doesn't work on Friday, but I was in no pain, so that was OK. I went in this morning. My mind was reeling. What if I have to have a root canal and/or a crown? What would be the worst part: the fear? the cost? the pain? What if this is one of my two (I think) remaining wisdom teeth and the dentist recommends getting it pulled? That was fun last time. Or maybe it will be OK. Maybe it is a filling that came out. Maybe the dentist will just plug me up with a filling. You see, I am really afraid of the dentist. (For no good reason, actually.) What happened was that I had broken a tooth, but it could be fixed with a filling. But I had to get drilled. So there was novacaine, etc. I felt no pain at all in the chair, but after I got home, it started up. It has pretty much subsided now, but it was pretty bad there for an hour or two. You could make a horror movie out of stuff like this.
But I'll tell you one thing: there's nothing like a dentist appointment to make me pray. And pray hard, and fervently, and long! So maybe that was the good side of this.

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