Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Videos from Sunday

I am putting two of the videos from Sunday online so you can view them. The two I am posting are the one by Henry Cloud about establishing and protecting a prayer time and the one that walks through how to have a contemplative prayer time step by step. It takes a lot of time and space to post videos, so I am only doing the two "how to" videos. Take a look at these if you need to refresh your memory and get started! The password to view the videos is catalina. You can see the Henry Cloud video HERE. You can see the Alone with the Lord video HERE.

How funny is the title of that LAST post?

"I'm back". And that post was dated May 2005. That's pretty close to two years ago. Well, I guess I'm back AGAIN. This time I hope to do more with this blog and to be more regular in posting. Here's my confession of the day: I received the book The Blogging Church yesterday and have already read quite a bit of it. So, I am inspired. Plus, right now at least, there is a lot to share. And a little bit down the road, I want to get some of YOU involved.
What else am I reading? I am reading Contemplative Prayer by Thomas Merton, A New Kind of Youth Ministry by Chris Folmsbee, and The Marching Season by Daniel Silva. Oh yeah, I'm also reading a self-help book called How to Finish What You Start Before You Start Something Else and This Includes Books. Just kidding about that last one.
One thing I want to do in this blog is to provide links to more info and to encourage further reflection around our Sunday topics. Also, I want to expose you to what is influencing me. What music I'm listening to, what videos I'm watching, what I'm thinking about. I want to get your reactions to some of this. And I want to keep you informed about what is going on in worship, in our church, in Christianity and to some extent in the world. I'll have to be selective.