Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Next Sunday March 4, 2007

We will continue our study "Starting Over" and we will discuss letting go of regrets and past mistakes. Our worship will include communion, a special media meditation, and an interactive worship/prayer experience. The worship bulletin is available on this page. The Scriptures for this Sunday are:
Philippians 3.7-14
Hebrews 12.1-3
Matthew 26.69-27.5
John 21.15-17
John 6.66-71

Healing Hurts

Last Sunday we began our study for Lent, Starting Over. The first installment discussed healing past hurts as a condition for starting over. We must be free of things from our past that hold us back if we are going to move forward. A process for dealing with past hurts and losses is detailed in the worship bulletin for February 25. It can be found from a link HERE. This process combines steps from Laurel Mellin and a couple I added. Here are some Scriptures that relate to each step.
Thinking Journal John 8.32
Feelings Letters Psalm 34.18
Essential Loss John 8.32
Earned Reward Romans 8.32
Letter to God Psalm 62.8
Letter from God Matthew 11.28-30

Feel free to leave comments or questions.

Rule of Life

We spent parts of January and February talking about developing a rule of life in worship. A rule of life is a framework, a list of guidelines for your spiritual life (and the rest of your life as well). A rule of life allows us to be INTENTIONAL about living out our faith. The worship bulletins with notes for the rule of life series is HERE. A possible discipline for Lent would be to spend time developing a rule of life.

Vacation Days

I took a couple of days of vacation last week. Monday was a holiday, then I took Tuesday and Thursday off, and worked Wednesday. Friday is my usual day off. Did I have a good vacation? I had a GREAT vacation!! What did I do? I got plenty of sleep. I played lots of x-box. And I did LOTS of work around my house--stuff that was on my to-do list for a long time. I really had quite a sense of accomplishment. As I was working, I was able to listen to several podcasts. My favorites are still the ones I listed on centering prayer and finding God in the other.