Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The World's Shortest Soccer Career

I was really excited that my son did not come straight home from school on Monday. It meant that Tyler had made the soccer team at his school. At least I hoped it meant that and not that he had been hit by a car, or kidnapped, or was smoking weed behind Albertson's... Anyway, I got a call from my wife saying that he did indeed make the soccer team, but that he had fallen at practice and was injured. Sure enough, he had a broken collarbone. This means 6 weeks of inactivity: 3 weeks in a sling and 3 without it. So, soccer is over for the time being. We got him a sling Monday night, and this helps a lot. Since he is right handed and it is his LEFT arm that is injured, he can still do his homework. I know he's glad about that.

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