Thursday, January 13, 2005

Day School Chapel

Today I had chapel for our day school kids. These are 3 and 4 year olds. As I was getting ready, I saw one little girl who was upset about something and was crying. She came into the chapel and still had red and wet eyes and was looking sad. Our topic was sharing. In between a little cartoon I showed them and a story I told them, I led them in a little activity. We all stood up and walked around and shared things with each other. We shared smiles with friends. We shared a little pat on the shoulder to symbolize sharing friendship with each other. Well, by the time we were through with our sharing, she had cheered up and was sharing smiles with me and the other children. It was great to see how whatever was bothering her had been dispelled by the smiles of friends and by sharing with others. This is a miniature example of how we can (and should) minister to one another. Determine today to let your light shine by sharing with others. Sharing a smile is free and everyone can share kindness.

By the way, I started the session by showing the children a little cartoon that ended with a cow flying out of a farmer's truck and landing on the main character (a gopher). As the gopher looked up, he saw the rear end of the cow coming toward him (in slow motion, of course). While this was happening, the kids were all transfixed with what was happening to the gopher. Then while the room was silent, I heard a little voice ask, "Is that a butt?". I replied, "It's a cow."

This link is to an online version of a prayer labyrinth. Give it a try. Be sure to roll your mouse over the items on the screen at each station, there are several interactive activities.

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