Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sunday, May 24, 2009

This week I watched a great video online. It is Shaun Groves (a musician I have come to enjoy) sharing about Mark 1.14-15--that's right, our text from LAST SUNDAY! Shaun does a great job explaining about the GOOD NEWS of Jesus; much better than I did. Watch the video. Please. You can also download his song "Kingdom Come" for free here. I don't agree with everything Shaun says, but I agree with SO MUCH.

The worship bulletin for this Sunday is here.

This week, we discuss one of my favorite stories in the Bible. It is not a famous story, but to me it paints a wonderful picture of what our God is like. It is the story of the healing of the leper in Mark 1.40-45. I like the way the NIV reads better than the NRSV (the previous link).

Please read Internet Monk's article "What Was Jesus Like?". This article is REALLY GOOD, especially the part about grape kool-aid. I think it should be required reading for everyone who claims to be a Christian.

Well, there is much more to say, but I'm going to save it for Sunday!

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