Thursday, April 02, 2009

Prayer for Thursday, April 2

Day 32 : Prayer for people of the Solomon Islands

Scripture for reflection: Isaiah 55:10-13

Wondrous God, with the guidance of your Spirit, the renewing gift of your Son
Jesus Christ and the abiding care of your parental love, your church in all places
is in the process of being born. We pray for the United Church in the Solomon
Islands and the Uniting Church in Australia that they may continue to grow
and develop in living out your love. You braid them among the strands of their
nations’ histories and cultures, to pray with and for those among whom they
live and to point people towards the life Jesus offers. Rid lands of unsustainable
timber-felling, toxic dumps and destructive mining. Reconcile diverse peoples to
draw forth from each other the richness of their cultures. Establish communities
that respect all people, especially those whose voice is weak. Build nations with
justice and mercy. Raise up leaders of integrity and character. And as you do
this, provide for such basic needs as health, training and financial support. We
look to you to draw us into your kingdom where creation is restored, people
cherished and your way upheld. Through Jesus Christ. Amen.

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