Friday, March 20, 2009

Prayer for Friday, March 20

Day 21 : Prayer for the people of the Nilgiri Hills

Project, South India

Scripture for reflection: Ephesians 2:17-22

Prayer: In the land blessed by the apostle Thomas when the church was barely born, you
have brought into being a partner church given to uniting, the Church of South
India. In a land of many faiths, where Christian people must witness humbly and
respectfully, you have raised up people to convey your love. In the compassion of
a hospital, in the care of a classroom, in conversation among people of different
faiths, in the attentiveness of a tutor, you draw people towards fullness of life. Bring
us with them, we pray, as you open us to your truth that is greater than our view.
Translate your care into health, education, food, youth leadership, vocational training
and support groups. Help them, with us, find and learn the vocation to which you
call us, that we may persist in serving you in the Spirit of your Son, Jesus Christ,
through whom we pray. Amen.

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Cypress said...

I went to mass in the Church that believes they have the bones of St. Thomas. It's pretty intense. Christianity in Madras allows all different kinds of churches but they (back in 1989) politely requested that no denominational names be used, just Christian. There were other churches more formal with men and women seperated and women having covered heads. There were churches quite modern with American Folk music and the coolest sign of peace in which you "pretend"/"believe" to pour peace from your hands into the next person's hands. Imagine it starting up front and they pour "spirit" into the hands of all the people sitting on the aisle and everyone pours it into the next person's hands etc. cool! Anyways, Madras and Christianity are a real study and I brought back from it a love of diversity in practices and a eagerness to look beyond denominations. Best of luck to all who share with Tamil Nadu. -Cypress