Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Fourth Sunday in Lent: March 22

What Does Christian Love Look Like?

This is our theme for this Sunday. We are commanded to love one another. This is probably the most repeated and most emphasized command by Jesus. What does that mean? Does it just mean to be nice? Would we be the Christians Jesus means us to be if we were all like Ned Flanders on The Simpsons?
Take time this week to consider again the Scriptures in the daily readings for this week. And look at the prayers. What is God saying to you about Christian love?
The worship bulletin is here.
The Scripture for this Sunday is John 3.14-21. Try to read this familiar passage again, with new eyes.


Cypress said...

I watch American Idol and I get this impression that the judges on that show tell contestants to broaden their range (one week) and then they criticize those contestants for not being true to themselves (the next week). I read your reflections on the Refuge sheed and you speak of God judging and forgiving and revealing. I wonder if others feel that God is just vague enough that living on earth is a bit of a challenge! Do we give up sinful ways or do we take up holy causes, do we speak up for higher causes or do we walk the humble sideroads? I'm looking for a blog that's connected to the scripture and supports a bit of group discussion.

Richard Jones said...

I believe that living on earth is indeed (and is meant to be) challenging! God does not give us a step-by-step instruction manual, but rather invites us into a living, organic relationship.