Monday, March 02, 2009

Lent Event Prayer and Scripture for Today

Monday March 2, 2009
Day 5 : Prayer for the downtrodden
Scripture for reflection: Matthew 22:1-14

The issue is not what we will give to the poor. It is when will we stop taking
from the poor? Jim Wallis

Prayer: God of mercy,
Many people in this world are trodden down under the weight of our
materialism. I pray today for those who stand on the fringes of the world
economy. I pray that those on the streets will find shelter, that those who
hunger will find room at your banqueting table. Holy Spirit of God, challenge
me to confront and overcome demons of greed. Spirit of God, challenge me
about the areas of my life where I contribute to social injustice. Don’t let me
forget those who are forced to live at the edges, for forgetting is a luxury your
kingdom cannot afford. Amen.

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