Thursday, April 17, 2008

What did Jesus say about the Bible?

[This is the second in a series of What did Jesus say about... studies. The worship bulletin is here.]
Many (most?) Christians are uncomfortable with the Bible. They think they can't understand it. They may be offended by parts of it. They don't know their way around it. They are hesitant to be identified with some "Bible-thumpers". We may--even subconsciously--avoid the Bible.
Your view of Scripture has a profound effect on your view of theology and God and life. And all of us view Scripture with a bias. There is more than one way to look at the Bible and at theology. The views that are held by many protestants--particularly evangelicals--are only 100 years old.
But what did Jesus say about the Bible?

Matthew 5.17-18 Jesus' aim was not to tear down the Old Testament, but to use it as a foundation to build upon.

Matthew 5.21-48 Mark 10.2-8 Jesus refused a strict literal interpretation of the Law, and sought to reveal the spirit or intent behind the Scripture.

Matthew 4.1-11 Jesus took seriously the demands of Scripture on his life and way of living


The Scriptures cannot be dismissed as something "for another time".

We must read the Scriptures prayerfully and seek to see and understand the heart and mind of God behind the words.

The best place to find guiding principles for my life is in the Scriptures.
Psalm 119.11, 103-105

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