Monday, April 16, 2007

Who is God and what is God like?

This was sort of the theme for our study Sunday morning in The Refuge. It was the first in our series "Moving Forward", and my thesis was that we cannot move forward in our faith with incorrect or unworthy concepts of God; and that the questions that nag us and doubts that haunt us will hold us back. So, we said 5 things that go with the Scriptures listed in the Thursday post.
1-I can move forward when I realize God is a mystery Isaiah 55.8-9 Read this post by Mike DeVries.
2-I can move forward when I realize my faith is not a superstition. Acts 17.24-27
3-I can move forward when I take risks. Genesis 32.24-32, Matthew 14.24-33
4-I can move forward when I look for God in the everyday. Exodus 3.1-5 Moses was just going to work when he encountered God in the burning bush.
5-I can move forward when I understand the goodness of God. Matthew 7.9-11

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