Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Noticing our presuppositions

A few months ago, Bart Campolo (son of Tony Campolo) wrote an article called The Limits of God's Grace. It was published in The Journal for Student Ministries, and was quite controversial. It was controversial for a couple of reasons. One reason was that Campolo stated that he didn't believe that a loving God would assign anyone to the torment of hell. Secondly, it was controversial because of the reasoning that Campolo used to come to his conclusion. He stated (to simplify) that the kind of God he believed in would not send a deeply loved creation to hell. Campolo has a follow up to his article. This article is well worth reading. It argues that everyone of us comes to the Bible and all theological thought with our own presuppositions that color how we interpret the Scriptures. Very thought-provoking.

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