Monday, April 23, 2007

Thanks, Sarai

Yesterday was Sarai Case's last Sunday on our church staff. She preached in both of our Refuge services and did a great job. The thought that stuck with me was about the miracles she referred to. The healing of the leper (Mark 1.40-42), the story of the hemorraging woman (Matthew 9.18-22), and the story of the blind men (Matthew 9.27-30); all have at least one common characteristic: the people sought healing from Jesus. Jesus was not seeking them to heal them, they came to Jesus and the healing they needed was available, and Jesus was willing. In the case of the hemorraging woman, all she did was touch his cloak. It seems that the faith needed to approach Jesus and ask was all the faith that was necessary. This brings up the question that Sarai asked: What if the healing is already there? What if it has already been allocated by God, and all we have to do is take it? I'm not putting this as well as she did, but we must ask ourselves, what does God have for us that we are not taking? What healing does Jesus have for us that we are not seeking?

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