Monday, April 23, 2007


There is a sequel of sorts to Bruce Almighty called Evan Almighty, which comes out this June. In this movie, the newscaster who beat out Bruce for the anchor job (Evan, played by Steve Carrell) has the encounter with God. Now, here is the interesting part. The movie has spun off a website and movement that encourages churches to do good. The concept is called ArkAlmighty, and works like a version of Craig's List for your church. People enter on a personalized (for your church) website their needs. People can scan these and choose one to meet. A person can also list gifts, abilities, skills, etc. that they can share, and people in need can check this list. if you go to the ArkAlmighty website, you can be introduced to the concept by John Goodman. Is this something we would like to do here at Catalina? I registered Catalina just to get further information; there is nothing entered on the site yet. Of course, one drawback to this approach is that some people with needs may not have access to a computer or the internet. As a solution to this, we could have a table set up on Sunday mornings where people could get the info entered for them, or even a kiosk with an internet-connected computer that people could use as a self-serve access to ArkAlmighty. You could also have people complete a brief survey and then input the results to the website. When we are serving at Casa Maria, or if we are planning a work trip to Agua Prieta, we could list the number of volunteers needed, and people could sign up online. Of course there are art pieces and links we can put on our church website. Lots of possibilities. What do you think?

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