Monday, November 16, 2009

Forgive Me My Shellfish Ways

The quote below is from Forgive Me My Shellfish Ways at the United Methodeviations Blog. Before you get offended by something said, read the article. You may not agree, but you might be spurred in your thinking.

"What would really be great? To have a faith based on a Savior and not a book. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could find a religion based in grace and goodness rather than rules and judgement? I would like a faith built around doing good, not worrying about who is doing “bad.” But I know that what I eat for dinner is much more important than people dying of curable disease, hunger and malnutrition. I am so thankful that I am part of a church that expends millions of dollars to hold annual and general conferences to argue over personal behaviors and beliefs instead of making disciples to transform the world. Otherwise how would I know who to love and who to condemn? I just hope and pray that no one raises the biblical issue of shellfish, because I would be in big trouble."

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