Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sunday, May 31, 2009

This Sunday is Pentecost. Click on this link to check out the worship bulletin. It's got an article about Pentecost.

This is also Confirmation Sunday at Catalina. Seth will be preaching so I can participate in the confirmation service (in the sanctuary at 11am). I will be around Sunday, but Seth is doing the heavy lifting! We have three confirmands this year: Andrew Hoskinson, Chris Nellett, and Lauren Melcher. I plan to bring them over to the Refuge to introduce them after they are confirmed.

BUT THE BIG NEWS THIS WEEK IS THE CORNERSTONE CONCERT after the 11am service. It will kick off around 12:15. Don't miss it!

This is an email I received today from the Save Darfur Coalition. I responded. You should, too.

Make sure the Obama administration will hold Sudan accountable if necessary.

Khartoum must know they have a choice between a real peace process and real consequences.

Sen. Kerry: hold a hearing on Sudan to make sure President Obama has a plan.


Dear Richard,

Sudan's Bashir doesn't think there are consequences for not committing to peace - and so he's growing bolder by the day, even scuttling a peace conference for Darfuri civilian leaders earlier this month.

But the people of Darfur can't wait for peace. We have to make sure the President takes the lead in creating an opportunity for peace.

Two weeks ago, I met with Senator John Kerry to discuss his recent trip to Sudan. Today, we need his help.

Ask Senator Kerry to hold a hearing on Sudan and make sure the administration sets forth a bold agenda for bringing peace to Darfur and all of Sudan.

The path to progress for peace is clear. It lies in offering Khartoum a choice: behind Door One, restoring aid groups and committing to the peace process which would lead to improved relations. Behind Door Two: continued obstruction which would lead to real and meaningful consequences.

Months after Sudan expelled 13 vital aid groups from the country, the government of Sudan has still not been confronted with this choice.

That's where the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee comes in. The committee should call on the Obama administration to adopt a policy that combines incentives for peace with consequences for continued obstruction and violence.

We've set a goal of sending at least 50,000 messages to Senator Kerry and Ranking Member Richard Lugar by June 13 - one month since my May 13 meeting with Senator Kerry, and with plenty of time for him to schedule hearings in June. Please act today.

Tell Sens. Kerry and Lugar to demand the Obama administration outline its blueprint for peace in Sudan.

Don't wait to send a message to Sens. Kerry and Lugar - they need to hear from you today. Thanks for your hard work.

My best,

Jerry Fowler
Save Darfur Coalition

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