Sunday, April 12, 2009

Prayer for Easter Sunday, April 12

Easter Sunday

Scripture for reflection: Mark 16:1-8

Reflection – Early in the Morning
The world is broken −
Darkened by the deeds of twisted hearts and vengeful hands.
The tears of God flood the earth and
Heart-break thunder roars in echo to the lightning.
The cry of ‘It is finished’ resounds across the hill
and funnels its way through the gates of the city wall.
‘It is finished,’ but it has only just begun.
Early in the morning, while mist lingers long,
Before the sun has chased the night away
Creation starts to sing, ‘The tomb is empty!’
Trees clap their hands, rivers gurgle with delight.
Birds chirp, ‘good news, good news!’
Redemptive creation has come to the world.

Prayer: Easter God,
I join today with others who praise you for the joyful message of resurrection. Thank
you for the unparalleled gift of Jesus, for the unquenchable love that you have
expressed through him. May I daily grow in knowledge of Jesus, the true Emperor
and Son of God. I also give thanks for the Lenten journey shared with you and
others. May the changes you have begun in me continue throughout my life. May the
kingdom you announced in Jesus continue to come nearer, through the movement
to overcome extreme poverty in our world. I pray that the money raised by Lent
Event will touch the lives of many in tangible and transformational ways. Amen.

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