Sunday, March 22, 2009

Prayer for Sunday, March 22

4th Sunday : What does Christian love look like?

Scripture for reflection: John 3:14-21

Reflection – ‘Ruach’
‘Ruach’, ‘Pneuma’ − Holy Wind.
Blow sense into our senselessness.
Breathe hope into our despair.
Whisper love into our hearts.
Come when we don’t expect you and
make a miracle of the mundane.
May your fire warm the coldness of our lives
and may the flame be seen burning in the mirror of our eyes.
Blow Ruach, blow!
Come Holy Wind of God.

Prayer for Lent Event project : Sudan

Scripture for reflection: Luke 1:46-55

When we pray, we move our feet. African Proverb

Prayer: Gracious God, Mary, the mother of your Son, sang a song of revolution, praising
you as she looked for the blessing of the lowly, the scattering of the proud, the
dethroning of the powerful, the emptying of the rich and the filling of the hungry
with good things. With her we hold to your promise for that revolution. We long
for it, pray for it, and ask you to make us part of it, until your way is known in
every corner. Especially in Sudan, where for too long oppressors have ruled,
weapons have killed, women have been abused and people have fled while
others have stood by. Show your care in the holes that are bored, the fresh
water people drink, the improved health and the strengthening lifestyles. As we
make our response, we seek your Spirit so we can cooperate with where you
are bringing life, offering hope and building a new future of justice with peace.
Through Jesus Christ. Amen.

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