Monday, February 09, 2009

Monday Review: DO GOOD

Re-read the Scriptures from Sunday.

3 John 11 What do you think are the implications of this verse? What are all of the ideas/truths that we can take away from it?

Luke 6.27-28 What truths do we see from these verses about doing good? Is Jesus asking too much of us?

Acts 10.38 Peter was one of the people who followed Jesus. He literally lived with Jesus night and day for almost 3 years. He heard Jesus teach and saw the miracles Jesus did. What did Peter take away from that experience? One thing was this: Jesus went about doing good.

Matthew 16.24-26 Doing good may be simple, but it is not easy. Who are some of the people to whom you will find it difficult to do good? What are some situations in which you will find it difficult to do good?

I displayed the chart based on the General Rules of Wesley with the Jerusalem Cross. I found this chart in the works of Steven Manskar. The sheet I handed out is here. I took some of my ideas from Manskar's Opening Ourselves to Grace, which is worth reading.

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