Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Few Days Off

I took Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off this week. Mindy and I wanted to get started on a few projects around the house, and I needed to rest after 22 days straight with no day off. Our biggest project is REMOVING our hot tub. It is an above-ground tub that needs too much repair. It is always needing something and we are tired of fooling with it and pouring money into it. The hot tub is inside a gazebo, so that must go, too. Tyler started on it and I have taken a lot of it apart, also. We are almost to the point of thinking about how to move the tub itself. No simple task. There is wiring, plumbing, and the sheer weight of the thing to consider. Not to mention a couple of good-sized bushes that have grown up in front of it (right in our path of removal). We plan to leave a part of the gazebo in place. We are going to plant a vegetable garden where the hot tub is now.

Also, I was able to catch up on my sleep and my Halo3 playing (on x-box 360, of course). I REALLY enjoy playing Halo. I play only online (x-box live) and I usually only play Lone Wolves (every man for himself). This is my hobby, my one vice, my one addiction. Well, the only one I'll admit to.

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