Thursday, May 29, 2008

What Does God Think about You?

This is a good question to spend some time meditating on. What does God think about you? DOES God think about you? Is God disappointed with you? Does God desire something radically different for your life, and you have no idea?
This is our study for this Sunday.
Here is the worship bulletin.
These are the Scriptures:
John 1.12
Romans 8.16-17
Ephesians 1.3-6
Galatians 4.4-7
Mark 1.11
Matthew 4.1-11
Matthew 11.28-30

Here is the point: at Jesus' baptism, God the Father named him as God's beloved child. We see in the Scriptures that we are adopted as children of God. Then who are we? We are also named as God's beloved child. The Scripture goes on to say that God is very pleased with Jesus. As God's children, God is also very pleased with us. That's what God thinks about you: You are his beloved child and God is very pleased with you!
After receiving this name, Jesus was tempted TO PROVE WHO HE WAS BY PERFORMING. We face this every day. But we do not have to prove we are acceptable, lovable, or good enough.

This is our creed for this Sunday:

I believe in God the Father who has named me as his beloved child. I believe God is very pleased with me.

I believe in Jesus Christ who frees me from the need to earn love by how I perform. I believe Jesus demonstrated how much God loves me and how important I am to God by giving his life for me.

I believe in the Holy Spirit, who will remind me I am God’s beloved child if I will be still and listen.

I believe in God’s holy church. I will recognize those around me as God’s beloved children, and I will allow myself to acknowledge that I, too, am God’s beloved child.

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