Thursday, May 22, 2008

What did Jesus say about politics?

The subject of politics usually evokes a heated discussion. I run into so many people (like me) who seem to think that everyone else agrees with them! When we find that a friend or family member holds different views, we are usually surprised, maybe disappointed, and maybe dismayed. How can the other person not see the truth! I guess what I am saying is that very often we are very intolerant of anyone who holds different political views from us. We are right (aren't we?).
And the mixing of politics and religion in the last few decades has only exacerbated the problem. Now, your political position not only reveals whether or not you have any sense, but it also determines whether or not you are a Christian. I cannot hide the fact that the religious right is a problem for me. I am religious and I am not part of the right.
But that's all my opinion. What did Jesus say about politics? Consider the Scriptures below, and look at the worship bulletin if you want. We will discuss this issue Sunday.
Luke 4.14-21
Isaiah 61.1-3
Mark 10.35-45
John 18.28-38

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