Wednesday, December 05, 2007

What Would Jesus Buy?

I received an email today from Rick McKinley, one of the lead guys in the Advent Conspiracy. It is about the movie What Would Jesus Buy? which is sort of a parody and it is put out by Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me). The movie is opening in Tucson at the Loft this Friday, December 7.
Here is the article:


Rick McKinley Pastor Imago Dei Community

I got a surprise email from Morgan Spurlock the day after Thanksgiving.. His new movie What Would Jesus Buy? was premiering in Portland that weekend. You may remember Morgan from his movie Super Size Me.” Morgan had heard about [AC] Advent Conspiracy and as we talked we found we shared a similar desire to see the story of Christmas re-told. He was kind enough to invite my family and I to the showing.

The movie deserves a viewing and will start some great conversations on consumerism in our culture and the systemic effect it has had on our culture.

I really encourage you if you are in a city where it is playing to go see it and take some people with you. Morgan is a great guy and he agreed to come to Imago and let me interview him the next morning at Church. Watch it here if you like..

We have a better story to tell at Christmas, let’s tell it well.

- Rick

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