Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cleaning Up

Those of you who have been in my office recently know it was a mess. Well, today I cleaned it! I started right after staff meeting (11am), and finished around 4:40pm. It was in many ways a reorganization and not just cleaning. It started with "zeroing out" my in basket and "zeroing out" my email (that's right, I have 0 email in my inbox). Then it went from there to getting my desk organized for productivity. That spread to the counters that were stacked, and the huge pile of files that needed to be filed (what else would you do with files?). Well, it's done. I do have some loose ends from the cleaning that I tossed in my in basket. I'm going to deal with those and go home. Oh no! I've still got to lead worship and lead youth group Sunday! You mean cleaning my office doesn't get me out of my regular work??

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