Thursday, March 10, 2005

Think about... This is a link to an interesting site. Check out the art links on the left side (the Andy Gault stuff).

Read and reflect on this: (This was written by a youth worker in the UK, so some of the idiom may same a little strange to us US folks.)

Here I sit

My church floor made of grass

My cathedral dome the sky

My offering basket the council estates nearby.

I open my purse and bring out my heart

I have nothing else to give.

I feel your love in concrete high rise

Where chicken and chips is eucharist;

Your grace calls me to partake

As I see your pain in hungry eyes.

I feel so empty, robbed of power,

And then I think of you, helpless in your final hour,

And I know my church is where you live

Amongst the broken glass and brittle hearts.

You draw me out until I cannot help but love,

Against my will but merging now with yours,

And I realise that my need of you

Is all you need to work through me, your church.

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