Tuesday, February 15, 2005

How powerful is perspective?

I had a thought yesterday. I can imagine the comments now. Yes, I'm sure I had more than one thought yesterday. Let me rephrase: Here is ONE of the thoughts I had yesterday. We all have problems we would like to deal with: lose weight, get out of debt, get weeds pulled, get the paper written, get assigned reading done, improve a relationship, etc. Would it make a difference if we phrased our problems as positive goals to achieve (work toward), instead of problems to be solved? For example, instead of 'lose weight', I could phrase this as 'eat right and be healthy'. Instead of 'pull weeds', I could strive to 'have a house with curb appeal'. Would this help? I think it would help only if I focused on what could be instead of what the problems are. When I look at my yard, do I think 'Look at all those weeds!' or do I think 'This place could (will) really look great!' Maybe this positive perspective might give me just the little boost of resolve I need to deal with some problem areas--I mean, achieve some positive goals--in my life. What are the problems that are nagging at you? How can you restate them as positive goals?

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